4 Things You Need To Know Before Playing Online Poker Video

Five extremely important aspects you need to know before you start playing poker video or if you’re a beginner in this field. Video Poker is one of the most popular gambling games and manages to keep popularity in online casinos like Joker 123 Casino, even if it has a strong competition from slots or table games. And that’s how experts talk about a game launched on the market in its first form more than 40 years ago, in the mid-70s.

  1. Why choose video poker in the online casino

Video Online poker does not attract spectacular bonus features or top-of-the-line graphics, as is the case with video slots, for example, but that does not mean we’re talking about a game to be ignored. Every experienced player knows that alongside Blackjack , Video Poker gives you the best chance of winning or, more correctly, the house’s advantage is the lowest in this game. And this is the main thing you should be interested in if you want to make a profit when playing in an online casino. Played correctly, and the weakest versions of Video Poker available on the market are far better than most of the payout slots. And this translates either through more frequent gains, or at worst by lesser losses.


  1. How much luck counts when you play online video poker

Video poker falls into the category of gambling, so it clearly plays a role, but only to a certain extent. Classic poker is considered a skill game because the best players are always calculating their chances of winning a particular hand, “read” their opponents, and according to all available information they decide on the “best” action. In poker, you do not necessarily have the best hand to win, as when you feel the weakness of your opponent you can use a “bluff” to make him take a better hand.

  1. What video poker game do you need to start with?

If you now start Online Video Poker it can be difficult to choose one of the games offered, as more versions are available on the market. Expert advice is always to choose the “Jacks or Better” Video Poker game. This game not only has one of the best payouts but is 100% based on the classic five-card poker game. You do not have “wild” or joker cards to complicate your calculations when deciding what the best move on each hand is. Also, Jacks or Better is a game with low volatility, so the chances of losing your entire budget in one session where luck is not on your side are much smaller.

  1. What you need to do to become a good video poker player

First read “Video Poker Guide” and learn the basic strategy for the game you chose. Whether you choose Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Joker Poker or Deuces Wild, find out which are the correct decisions for your starting hands and you will find that you will become more efficient. Remember that video poker is a game of decisions.

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